Testimonial – Dave Burns

“In 2013 at a conference at Mount Hermon, I had the opportunity to discuss with Jon Byron my passion to have a spiritual reflective retreat for men at Mount Hermon. I have known Jon for many years, his heart to see people grow in the Lord, his incredible ability as a musician, concert artist, and as a teacher.

The more we talked, the more I realized that Jon was the person to teach this conference. I asked “what shall we title it?” His response was “Press Pause.” In November 2014, The Press Pause Conference at Mount Hermon sold out. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive with many attendees asking if we could do this twice a year. Jon has a unique ability to connect with people and encourage them to slow down, reorient and rest with Jesus. I am so excited to see him branching out to start Press Pause Ministries!”

Dave Burns
Director of Adult Ministries
Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center